Tier II

Tier II Requirements

  • A. Tier II reporting is used by the EPA to track and enforce rules related to the storing of hazardous materials and toxic substances which are housed at your facility at any given time. This is a mandatory annual federal report under section 312 of EPCRA.

  • B. You must submit a report if:

    i. A facility has greater than or equal to 10,000 pounds of any hazardous chemical by OSHA criteria, then it should be reported in the Tier II report.

    ii. A facility at any given time during the reporting year stored material on the EPA Extremely Hazardous Substance list to the materials’ defined Threshold planning Quantity (TPQ). The EPA has a comprehensive EHS list that shows all the chemicals that should be reported.

    iii. You have reached the threshold for gasoline storage which is 75,000 gallons and 100,000 gallons for diesel fuel at a retail gas station. This threshold applies if there was entire underground storage and full compliance with the Underground Storage Tank (UST) requirements.

  • C. The Tier II submission deadline is March 1st every year. This is a fixed deadline, and the EPA does not grant extensions. Make sure to have all forms to the SERC, LEPC, and local Fire Departments prior to that day.

    Failure to submit your Tier II Report is an Emergency Preparedness/Right-to-know violation and subject to fines and penalties.

Tier II Submission

The Utah State Emergency Response Commission (SERC), housed under the Utah Department of Environmental Quality (UDEQ), is the entity responsible for carrying out all EPCRA requirements including the collection of Tier II submittals on the state level. All Tier II submissions must be submitted both to UDEQ through their electronic portal, as well as to Utah County LEPC through a different portal as outlined below.

UDEQ will only accept Tier II submit electronic file submissions via direct internet form submission through the UDEQ Tier II Submission Portal : https://tier2.deq.utah.gov.

Access to the submission portal is obtained by following the instructions at : https://deq.utah.gov/environmental-response-and-remediation/cercla-comprehensive-environmental-response-compensation-and-liability-act/tier-2-chemical-inventory-program.

Utah County also utilizes an online portal found at: Utah County Online Portal

Reporting facilities are reminded Tier II reports must also be filed with the local Fire Department and Local Emergency Planning Committee.